A True Friend

A True FriendWhat is a “friend” people may ask? What qualities do a friend consist of? Rather than using the word friend, use the word acquaintance. Acquaintance is a person that you may associate with, but isn’t really considered someone you officially know or near a friend. Acquaintance can be someone that you may be using for certain purposes, but hypothetically she/he may see you as a “friend.” The traits that people wouldn’t want to seek in a “friend” is jealousy, deceiving, and rude constantly. These habits can cause an individual to be used, manipulated and just plain fooled. An acquaintance is better than a fake friend, but can never beat a “true friend.” I put quotation marks around “true friend” because that isn’t the easiest thing to find and telling the truth all the time isn’t the best outcome. A fake friend brings you down and destroys your self-esteem and confidence in gaining that friend.

Some qualities that a person may want in a friend is helpful, caring, and loving. She/he gives the best companionship and trustworthy opinions for the situation at

Healing Aspect of Friendship

Healing Aspect of FriendshipI thank God for my childhood friend. I have one best friend (other than of course, my husband). Actually, I show her more of the raw feelings than my husband because of our backgrounds. We can tell each other anything and have it not be a shock. We have seen every emotion in each other. We have gone through childhood, marriages and raising children to adulthood.

About twelve years ago, I got excited about positive thinking topics. I worked hard on self-improvement and saw results. It’s only been in the past four years that I’ve had difficulty keeping up with it. There are a variety of reasons for this. The kids are grown now. My father died. I’ve moved a couple of times and left my career. It takes time to build new relationships. What used to be seen as enthusiasm as a young person can be viewed as annoying as an older person. Trends change and opportunities become fewer.

At least one thing the people on my caseload appreciated was that they could talk to me about almost anything. They didn’t have to

Relationships Why Are Some People Always Critical Of Men or Women

Relationships Why Are Some People Always Critical Of Men or WomenWhile someone could be critical of both men and women, they could also be in position where they have the tendency to criticise the opposite sex. And so if they do criticise the same sex, it could be something that rarely takes place.

This could mean that they will have moments where they are able to admit that their sex is not perfect and then shortly after, this could be something that they will soon forget. Through having this approach, it allows them to return to the outlook that the opposite sex is inferior.

One Way

Having said that, one might not have moments where they are able to see that their sex is not perfect. As a result of this, it will only be possible for them to experience life in one way.

Therefore, it won’t matter what men/women do, as their attention is always going to be focused on what they are doing that is wrong. But even though this is the case, it doesn’t

My Childhood Memories

So, how does one remember early childhood events? When I begin the task of thinking back. I realize that my CHILDHOOD MEMORIES have to a great degree remained vivid and indelibly imprinted on my mind. I’ve always considered myself an inquisitive person and am constantly “looking” at things that other people pass over. I was a very curious, somewhat critical child, and accordingly: I had a precocious talent for eavesdropping and spying.

For all of the impassioned aspects of my personality that I’ve shared, it might leave one with the impression that my current state of emotion is rooted deep in my past. Well, it might be true on some deep, subconscious level, but as far as I know, nothing really traumatic from my childhood could superficially explain why I am the way I am now. I was a nervous kid. Shy at times, extroverted, manipulative and somewhat MACHIAVELLIAN.

Still made friends quickly, had quite a few of them and generally enjoyed the same typical activities that all kids do. Riding bikes, fights, harrassing everybody in sight, etc. I really don’t remember being “depressed” or unhappy as a child. If anything, there was much

How Counselling Helps Make A Better Life

Every individual on this planet has, at some point in life, faced tough situations. Be it on an individual level, or at the level of marriage or at work – there are umpteen cases that make people feel hopeless about their life. Counselling helps in more ways than one in making the individual live through it all and emerge happy. Here are some reasons why people should opt for counselling when things start to turn sour in their life.

Married or unmarried couples today are the people that need counselling the most. Individuality has taken root in the lives of each person on this earth which causes them to lose focus of cooperation while being in a relationship. Couples forget that some amount of adjustment and compromise is necessary for both persons to be able to make their peace in a relationship. A relationship therapist helps couples to understand the few basic requirements of a relationship to function optimally. Couples counselling helps both the persons understand what they need to take care of while being together. Counselling helps them to get rid of negative communication. It is important that couples communicate with each

How You Can Take Benefit Out Of How To Know If A Girl Likes You Tips

Whilst you are busy wanting to impress the girl of the dreams, it’s also critical that you just try and go through her thoughts concurrently to find out in case your efforts will bear benefits. It is not difficult knowing if the girl likes me or not if you take care of certain valid points.
So get a bit time out from only studying her body and study these ideas on the way to know if a girl likes you by reading her mind. Observe her eyes. Because you simply cannot observe her mind, focus on her eyes. If she keeps looking at you shyly, and seems to be away intermittently then this is an excellent signal. Nonetheless, if she seems to be away most of the time and throws only short, uninterested glances in direction of you then she is just not into you. Observe her speak. You may also come to know about her state of thoughts when she begins speaking with you.

She may possibly also attempt to touch your arm or shoulder as you make her laugh together with your jokes. Observe her reactions. Is she playing with her hair whilst

Beware of Divorce Filers

What is Divorce Filers?

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Why You Need to Beware of Divorce Filers

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What happened was simple. FS Online Marketing

In Search Of Friendly Relations

Human civilization implies: Marriage, Family life, Friends, and Social life.

A friend is defined as,” Who tries to bring out the best in you.”

We need relations who are true friends.

We need colleagues – we call every one a friend – who are truly friends.


Our colleagues join us during play time,

We share: entertainment, workload, homework,

And social problems, which we don’t discuss with parents.

They can lure us into unhealthy entertainment too – drugs, drinks, and gambling.

We usually give in,

To live in conformity.

Our colleagues may not bring out the best in us, but we still need them.

Man is a social animal.

Let’s learn to talk with our colleagues, and not about our colleagues.

Then socializing would be a pure conversation,

An exchange of views, without any comment on others.

We spend time with our colleagues and consider them our friends.

All colleagues, may not be our true friends.


Parents are natural, God-given friends in childhood.

They are our well-wishers, who check us, from going astray.

Our parents,

There Are Many Different Kinds Of Friends

“People are in your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime.”

I don’t remember if I read this on a greeting card, a meme or what but it has really stuck with me and helped me understand so much. For most of my younger life I wandered around wondering why friends I thought would be friends for life were no longer there for me. I had this idea in my head that if someone was truly a friend they would be there for life.

The fact is there are many different levels of friendships and relationships and if people were more accepting of this fact they would ultimately be much happier. If people would be more honest with one another and more clearly define what their relationship was it would save a lot of misunderstanding and heartache. If people would learn to move on from a relationship that was over they would be better off; learn what there was to learn from it but move on.

All the people that come into your life just are not going to be friends for your whole life and that is OK. Those kind of friendships

Remembering Long Lost Friends

I don’t remember when they first popped up in my life, but I suspect I was about four years old. My memories before kindergarten are few. The family living room was the first room you entered as you came in the front door. We lived in a two family house on the first floor, with my grandparents on the second floor. They actually owned the home which was located on a busy avenue in a small New Jersey city.

My imaginary friends lived in the wall behind the front door. I would knock on the wall and press my face up against it trying to look through the painted sheet rock to catch a glimpse of their world. I guess I created Cooney, Chetty and Susan because I wanted someone to play with. I was so ahead of my time creating a virtual play date.

Usually when asked if they wanted to play, Susan was most times the only one who could, because Chetty and Susan were always going to Florida and leaving Susan home. I felt bad for her. We would dance for hours in the living room, doing fabulous stunts off of the

The 7 Basic Truths About Lies and Smear Campaigns

Most of us have never heard the phrase “lies & smear campaigns“. I know I didn’t until 18 months ago or so. Until confronted of what was going on behind my back, it never occurred to me that people even did things like this. Whether it came from a parent, a teacher, a spouse or a close friend, we tend to believe what we hear. This is basically a good quality for each of us. Most of us rarely, if ever, question the veracity of a loved one’s statements, and this is a fine quality to have. That is, until you find yourself on the receiving end of a toxic smear campaign by a morally disordered narcopath (narcissistic sociopath) hell-bent on destroying everything about you. She has no boundaries, so in her morally depraved mind, nothing is off-limits, be it your marriage, your livelihood, your family ties, and even your very freedom. She can manufacture lies, reveal embarrassing secrets, make false criminal allegations against you without a second thought to the damage wrought.

I’m not saying narcopaths have the lock on lies. We all lie. Running late for work – caught the train; missed an appointment –

How Your Friends Shape Your Lives

Birds of a Feather Flock Together

“How your friends are shaping your lives for better or worse”

What we condition our self with, and what we surround our self with, has a cogent impact on how we think and how our lives are operated. There are numerous factors which lead to this conditioning. Of these conditions, the inclusion or exclusion of friends is of most importance.

We most often surround our self with “like people”, individuals who are similar to us in appearance, beliefs, and like interests. Think of your five closest friends. Chances are, the main thing that ties you two together are like interests. We naturally see the benefits of our friends, yet fail to realize what traits are actually bringing you down.

For example, when a friend of ours becomes obese, our likelihood increases by 57%. When this friend is mutual, the likelihood increases to 171%. This is according to a study done by the New England Journal of Medicine. The actions of our friends dictates what we think is socially acceptable or unacceptable. If it’s acceptable for our friend to eat poorly, we find that

Whats the Secret of Forming Close Friendships

I wondered, how come that some people are so easily loved. I wondered why their friendships do not fade but last. Why are they almost never dumped and how come they have so many close friends? We all know those people, but how they do it?

I have been thinking what actions define the line between regular friendship and close friendship/healthy relationship.

In simplification, I believe the line is defined by the actions of sacrifaction.

Some scientific studies call it giving: they proved that those people who give the most and appreciate the most are also the one who tend to be loved more than other people. (Do Good Live Well Survey, Feeling Good about Giving: The Benefits (and Costs) of Self-Interested Charitable Behavior)

Today it is easy to make new friends, we live in social environment, we have so many possibilities to make new “friends” yet I believe we struggle in making lasting friendships and relationships. People get used to be friendly and to tell the truth a little bit fake when it’s needed. It’s often hard for us to distinguish true friends.

Sacrifaction may be the key to the way we

Why Do Friendships Come To An End

If one was to think about a close friend, it could be someone they have known for a number of months or it may be a number of years. Yet regardless of how long they have known each other for, they will have a strong connection.

And through having this bond, their life is going to be a lot more fulfilling, and it will also make it easier. One could be in a position where they have a number of close friends, and these people are also going to play a significant part in their life.

Friends Forever

On one hand, there is the chance that one will stay friends with someone until their time on this earth comes to an end (or until the other persons time comes to an end. And on the other hand, there is the chance that their friendship will come to an end before that happens.

There will be people in the past that stayed friends with someone until the end, and there are bound to be people who will also have this experience in the future. It could be said that the ideal will be for

A Sense Of Belonging Is A Sense Of Acceptance

A sense of Belonging in its reality, is a sense of Acceptance. All humans have an emotional need and desire for belonging and to be accepted–be it our families, our loved ones, friends or even the environment we live. No one wants to feel rejected or be an outcast in society. I definitely would not wish this on anyone, having experienced rejection at times, in certain circumstances by my own colleagues, who must have labelled me–a “different species” or “one of a kind”, not at par with them, no, not even at their level!

Somehow, there exists in human nature, an inevitable and a strong sense of belonging–in our environment, our families, communities, workplace and in our own society. Regardless of our choice or the choice of others, to belong or not to, can occur subconsciously or selectively in our minds. Although, we may not have the same lifestyle or interests, yet we do want to fit in and be accepted… somehow, sometimes, somewhere.

Imagine, if you were to find yourself in a place or surroundings, even in a situation you are unfamiliar with and unknown, what is your reaction? Whatever it is, just don’t

Is Being Responsive Important

If one wanted to form new relationships with others, they could pay attention to their appearance and then look into what they can do to improve it. Along with this, one could also look into what else they could do to improve themselves.

And once they have done this, they could end up looking for places where they can socialise with others. However, one could do this without changing their appearance or working on themselves.

Two Approaches

When they are around others, they could be the ones who make the effort, or they could sit back and wait for other people to approach them. As to what approach they take can depend on a number of different factors.

If one is more reserved, for instance, they may find that other people usually take the first step, and when they come into contact with someone, they may prefer to listen. On the other hand, if one is more outgoing they could be the ones who take the first step, and they could then find that they do most of the talking.

Another Experience

Having said that, this might not be the case,

Why Do Some People Find That Other People Are Never There When They Need Them

If one needed something, they may find that there is someone who they can call on to be there for them. In fact, there could be a number of people who would be only too happy to support them.

And the reason they have this outlook is going to be because these people have been there for them in the past. This is not to say that they always expect them to be there; what it comes down to is that there is a strong chance that there will always be someone who is available.


What this is then going to mean is that it will be normal for them to experience life in this way, and this could be how their life has always been. As a result of this, they might find it hard to imagine what it would be like to experience life differently.

This doesn’t mean that they won’t have had moments in their life when there was no one there; what it means is that this could be something that rarely takes place. Thus, it could be a challenge for them to truly connect to the experience

How Gracious Understanding Makes Forgiveness Easier

“We must learn to regard people less in the light of what they do or omit to do, and more in the light of what they suffer.”
– Dietrich Bonhoeffer (1906 – 1945)

THERE appears to me to be levels of learning around forgiveness. My first significant lessons surrounded a profound initial grief, and God gifted me with the ability to focus on what I’d done wrong as opposed to bothering too much with what the other person seemed to me to have done wrong.

But in the recent few years my Lord has upped the ante. He wants me to learn more.

I’ve found that the root of bitterness – for which I thought naively I was immune – came to be operant. I tussled for the grace to forgive certain people in certain situations.

What God showed me, albeit very recently, is these situations are a mirror opportunity for my growth. It’s not about them (my perception of them) at all. God is like what my mother always told me when I grew up – I’m not interested in what the boy next door is getting away with. God says, “My sole

A Short Essay on Violence

EARLY in my life, like everyone is, I was introduced to the inevitable concept of violence, and not only the concept – the myriad manifestation of violation in my life.

Don’t get me wrong. I wasn’t ‘abused’ as a youngster. I ‘suffered’ quite as normal a childhood as any child could be blessed to have experienced; certainly the love of a father and mother doing their best to love each other, and their children.

I use inverted commas above not to annoy you, but to emphasise the fact that, even though it wasn’t abuse I suffered, I did suffer the violence normal to the average human existence.

The concept of sin explains this suffering well.

I do not pretend that there aren’t more horrendous childhoods. There are! I see events in my life, weekly if not daily, where children suffer the ‘normal’ (emotional) violations of their parents, let alone the violations that would rend their parents’ hearts if only they knew their children’s actual perceptive existential experience. We adults tend to forget how vulnerable children are, yet we only need to tap into our inner child and realise how vulnerable we still feel in

When You Are Being Nice, Are You Loving Or Controlling

Our society has long trained children to be “nice.” Being nice might mean:

  • Telling white lies so as not to hurt another’s feelings, such as agreeing with them when you really disagree.
  • Listening politely when someone is going on and on, even when you are so bored you can hardly stand it.
  • Pretending to not be affected by rudeness or sarcasm.
  • Giving compliments that you don’t really mean.

In your relationships with others, being nice often means being inauthentic. It can be a form of control – attempting to control how others feel about you or how they respond to you.

Being loving, on the other hand, means being honest and authentic. It means being kind, but truthful. Being loving is about caring about yourself and the other person, rather than trying to control the other person by being nice.

Hailey and Emma have been good friends for a couple of years. They speak regularly on the phone and meet for lunch fairly often. In one of my phone sessions with Hailey, she explored a situation concerning Emma that is a problem for her.

“I really like Emma, but I frequently get bored with our conversations.